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Prop 1 drought workshop 2015

Workshop attendees listen to overviews of new groundwater legislation during a drought response workshop in Irvine, California in February 2015

The foundation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA)  is that groundwater is best managed at the local level, and the State's primary role is to provide guidance and support. DWR is committed to providing this guidance and support as groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs) and interested parties work together to implement SGMA and work toward achieving groundwater sustainability goals.  

Regional Coordinators along with staff from DWR’s four regional offices serve as primary Points of Contact (POCs) for the high- and medium- priority groundwater basins. Regional Coordinators and staff in these four regions can provide information and help GSAs and interested parties connect with DWR and locate resources, including guidance on communication and engagement and assistance services such as technical support, facilitation support, written translation, and financial assistance.

Regional Office Points of Contact

Successful implementation of SGMA is built on a foundation of mutual understanding and proactive communication and engagement activities. DWR’s proactive efforts to support local agencies and communities include periodic informational events, guidance and resource documents, and templates that assist GSAs and interested parties as they work towards managing groundwater to reach sustainability.

Our Technical Support Services (TSS) supports Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) as they develop and implement their Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs). TSSs goal is to provide education, data, and tools to GSAs at both regional and statewide scales to build the capacity needed to achieve sustainability. TSS is available to GSAs through our Region Offices or contractors pending funding availability. Critically overdrafted basins have initial priority for this funding.

Technical Support Services Offered:   

Field Activities

  • Monitoring Well Installation
  • Geophysical Logging
  • Geologic Logging
  • Groundwater Level Monitoring Training
  • Borehole Video Logging
  • Other Field Activities

Modeling and Mapping

  • Modeling Training and Support (pending DWR updated model release)

Who is Eligible?

GSAs developing  and implementing GSPs are eligible to apply for this service if they meet all of the following obligations:

  • Agree to share any data generated from the technical support service(s) with DWR and the public.
  • Comply with all applicable laws related to the technical support service(s).
  • Agree to work in an open, inclusive, and collaborative manner toward the development and implementation of a GSP, including appointing a coordinator for the basin to represent all GSAs within the basin or subbasin, resolve disputes, and speak as one voice to DWR (not required to be the “Point-of-Contact” for Coordination Agreements as used in 23 CCR §357.4 (b) (1) of the GSP Emergency Regulations, or the “Plan manager” as used in 23 CCR §351 (z), 353.4 (b), and §354.6 (c)).
  • Agree to complete GSA’s volunteered responsibilities related to requested technical support service(s) within the defined timeframe.
  • Support DWR staff or contractors that are providing technical support service(s)

How to Apply: 

Applications for TSS will be evaluated on a continuous basis as funding allows. The application process is two-part - a General Application and Individual Service Requests - and must be submitted through an online application system made available to the applicant following consultation with their local DWR Region Office. PDF and Microsoft Word copies of the General Application and Service Requests are provided as a resource to help applicants prepare for applying.

For more information or help starting a TSS application, contact DWR’s Region Coordinators at

TSS Fact Sheet Cover
TSS Services Fact Sheet ( PDF)
Two-page fact sheet with information about DWR's TSS to support GSAs as they develop and implement their GSPs.
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Facilitation Support Services (FSS) help local agencies work through challenging water management situations. Under SGMA, groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs) shall encourage the active involvement of diverse social, cultural, and economic interests and consider all beneficial uses and users of groundwater when developing and implementing groundwater sustainability plans (GSPs). Sometimes GSAs need the help of professional facilitators to foster discussions among diverse water management interests and local agencies.

To see an interactive map showing basins where the FSS program has been and is currently being provided, with information on benefiting basins, service recipients, and general services provided, please click on the map above.

 Services Offered through DWR-funded Professional Facilitators:


  • Stakeholder assessments
  • Governance development
  • Stakeholder communication and engagement planning and support
  • Public outreach
  • Targeted outreach to underrepresented groundwater users
  • Tribal government outreach and engagement
  • Identification and engagement of interested parties
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Intra-basin and inter-basin coordination support
  • Interest-based negotiation/consensus building

Who is Eligible?

GSAs developing or implementing GSPs, other groups coordinating with the GSAs in developing and implementing GSPs, and agencies implementing approved Alternatives to GSPs are eligible to apply for this service. Entities that previously received FSS may reapply for additional support. Entities that request these services must meet all of the following obligations:

  • Agree to work in an open, inclusive, and collaborative manner to implement SGMA.
  • Support an inclusive process that seeks, promotes, encourages, and welcomes the involvement of all interested parties.
  • Commit to meet regularly and work diligently toward a clear and defined goal.
  • Commit to providing a meeting space that is suitably located and sized.

Applications for FSS will be evaluated on a continuous basis as funding allows.

Facilitation Support Services Application


For more information or help starting an application, contact DWR’s Regional Coordinators at


Under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) are tasked with encouraging the active involvement of all beneficial uses and users of groundwater during sustainability planning and implementation efforts in their respective basins.

DWR’s Written Translation Services was developed to encourage engagement with community members who have Limited-English-Proficiency. Providing written translation services can assist GSAs to better engage communities, incorporate feedback, and capture more collective views from their basin for successful implementation of SGMA.

GSAs, or other groups, may submit written notices, letters, forms, presentations, fact sheets, pamphlets, leaflets, and brochures to DWR for translation into one or more of the following languages:

  • Chinese
  • Hmong
  • Korean
  • Laotian
  • Punjabi
  • Spanish
  • Tagalog
  • Vietnamese
  • Other (please specify in notes section of application)

If your basin/subbasin could benefit from a language not identified above, please submit the application and the program contact will reach out regarding the request.

Service Limitations:

  • Currently, requests are limited to 15,000 words per attachment. DWR may change the word count limitation as needed, based on remaining contract capacity.
  • Eligible groundwater basins/subbasins are those required to prepare a GSP per CWC §10720.7.
  • The written translation will be provided to the applicant electronically. Graphic design and formatting are not provided by DWR's Written Translation Services. Content spacing and formatting may be affected through the translation process and should be checked prior to finalization by the applicant.
  • Requests will take a few weeks to fulfill; additional time will be needed if the service provider requires additional information.
  • DWR does not review, take responsibility for, or endorse the content submitted for written translation.
  • Although DWR’s service provider will take care to provide appropriate and meaningful translation; accuracy is not guaranteed.

How to Apply:

  • DWR receives requests for written translation using an online application form.
  • Documents for translation must be uploaded as either Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint files.
  • A PDF of the final document should be uploaded to serve as a primary copy.

Requests will be evaluated and fulfilled as received, on a continuous basis, as contract capacity allows.

Written Translation Services Application

For more information or help starting an application, contact DWR’s Region Office Coordinators at

Proposition 1 IRWM

Prop 1 Proposition 1 (The Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014) IRWM Grant Program, which includes funding for Disadvantaged Community (DAC) projects, provides funding for projects that help meet the long-term water needs of the state. The 2016 Guidelines provides information on the general process, procedures, and criteria. Draft Proposal Solicitation Package is expected to be released early in 2018.

Sustainable Groundwater Planning

View The Sustainable Groundwater Planning (SGWP) Grant Program which provides funding for projects that develop and implement sustainable groundwater planning and projects consistent with groundwater planning requirements.

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