Engineering & Construction


Construction work on the Crafton Hills Reservoir included adding an earthen embankment dam with rock slope protection, access roads, grouting, a seepage collection system, geotechnical instrumentation, and mechanical aerators.

We safely provide timely, cost-effective, and quality engineering, geology, construction, geodetic, and administrative services to the public, state water contractors, State and federal agencies, and other DWR organizations.

We have unique expertise in project management, engineering, and constructing a wide variety of water resources projects.


Projects Include:

• Dams

• Canals

• Tunnels

• Pipelines

• Pumping and Power Plants

• Flood Protection Facilities

• Fish Enhancement Projects  

Engineering Services Include:

• Mapping and Surveying

• Real Estate Transactions

• Geological Studies

• Geological, Structural, Hydrologic, and Hydraulic Engineering

• Construction Project Management

• Public Works Contract Inspections