Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA)

The historic passage of SGMA in 2014 set forth a statewide framework to help protect groundwater resources over the long-term. SGMA is comprised from a three-bill legislative package, including AB 1739 (Dickinson), SB 1168 (Pavley), and SB 1319 (Pavley), and subsequent statewide Regulations. In signing SGMA, then-Governor Jerry Brown emphasized that “groundwater management in California is best accomplished locally.”

SGMA requires local agencies to form groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs) for the high and medium priority basins. GSAs develop and implement groundwater sustainability plans (GSPs) to avoid undesirable results and mitigate overdraft within 20 years. 

DWR serves two roles to support local SGMA implementation: 

1) Regulatory oversight through the evaluation and assessment of GSPs

2) Providing ongoing assistance to locals through the development of:

Learn more about SGMA and the importance of groundwater: 

Groundwater: California's Vital Resource

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SGMA Portal

SGMA Portal The SGMA Portal allows local agencies, GSAs, and watermasters to submit, modify, and view the information required by SGMA. It also enables you to view submitted information and provide comments, where applicable. You don't need a login for public access.

Data & Tools

Data & Tools We have a long history of data collection, monitoring, and reporting. With the passage of SGMA, there is an increased need for local and state agencies and the public to easily access water data in order to make informed management decisions. Here you will find a curated set of data, interactive mapping tools, and reports which are important resources to inform sustainable groundwater management decision-making.

SGMA Facilitation & Technical Support Services

Facilitation and Technical Support Services Our Facilitation Support Services (FSS) aim to help local agencies work through challenging water management situations. Professional facilitators are sometimes needed to help foster discussions among diverse water management interests and local agencies as they strive to implement SGMA. Our Technical Support Services (TSS) supports GSAs as they develop their GSPs. TSS’s goal is to provide education, data, and tools to GSAs to build the capacity needed to achieve sustainability.

Sustainable Groundwater Planning Grant Program

View The Sustainable Groundwater Planning (SGWP) Grant Program provides funds for projects that develop and implement sustainable groundwater planning and projects consistent with groundwater planning requirements outlined in Division 6 of the California Water Code, commencing at §10000.