Contractor setting up drilling rig at State Water Project site.

A contractor sets up a drill rig for work on one of our many State Water Project sites. DWR/2017

We spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually to acquire a diverse mix of goods and services ranging from ordinary commodities (office supplies) to specialized scientific/engineering and construction-related materials, equipment and services, as well as various information technology (IT) goods and services.

Our procurement professionals are organized into separate categories:

  • Non-IT Services
  • Commodities
  • IT Goods and Services
  • Construction
  • Architectural & Engineering    

Bid Solicitation

We solicit bids and proposals primarily through Cal eProcure, California’s Online Marketplace. We also advertise construction solicitations in major trade publications. Cal eProcure provides guidance on how to sell to the State through its various procurement processes.

If you're interested in selling products and services to us:

  • Register on Cal eProcure as a Sourcing Bidder and create a business profile that reflects your firm’s essential capabilities through keywords and UNSPSC codes.   

  • Activate automatic alerts regarding the release of solicitations that match up with your profile. 

  • Search the California State Contracts Register (CSCR) through Cal eProcure to find open bid opportunities with us
    and with other State agencies.

  • For more specifics about the types of goods and services that we buy, visit our Contracting & Purchasing Services page.

Small Business (SB) / Microbusiness (MB), Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) Program

DWR vigorously endorses the State of California’s program to support the SB/MB and DVBE business community.  Our employees are expected to make every effort to solicit and award contracts and purchases to California-certified SB/MB
and DVBE firms. We also actively encourage partnerships between non-certified prime contractors and SB/MB and DVBE subcontractors. 

Visit Cal eProcure for more information about applying for certification or to find certified SB/MB or DVBE firms in the searchable database.



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Tim Devine, retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force

DWR is looking to small businesses and veterans to help serve millions of Californians and it’s having a big impact on local communities. DWR’s Small Business (SB) and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) Program works directly with the business community to ensure small businesses, like Aviate Enterprises in Sacramento, can contribute to j ...