Implementation Grant Program

San Joaquin Delta

The IRWM Implementation Grant Program provides funding for implementation projects that meet the intent of Proposition 1, Chapter 7

Approximately $403 million in grant funding is being made available for implementation projects with at least $51 million being made available for projects that provide benefits to Disadvantaged CommunitiesDWR is awarding grants on a competitive basis in two funding rounds.  To apply for grants through this program, project proponents must coordinate through their established IRWM Regional Water Management Group, and the Regional Group must in turn coordinate with other groups within the Proposition 1 IRWM Funding Area. 

Round 2 Grant Solicitation

In May 2022, DWR issued the final 2022 IRWM Grant Program Guidelines and the Round 2 Implementation Grant Proposal Solicitation Package, making approximately $193 million available and initiating the solicitation process. Below is a Table showing available funds in Round 2.  However, the amount of available funds may change based on the amendments to Round 1 Grant Agreements. This Table will be updated if any of the amounts change.


Table: Available Funds in Round 2 

*Competitive Funding Area: defined as an area where IRWM Regions have not agreed to cooperatively split the allocation. All other Funding Areas are characterized as ”Cooperative” as they do the following: 1) Provide a funding split agreement assuring that the total funding request by the IRWM Regions within the Funding Area would not exceed the available funding allocation to the Funding Area as indicated in the Table above, and 2) Submit documentation verifying that projects included in the application were vetted and selected via a local competitive process that conforms to the requirements of Proposition 1 for project selection process.  

This solicitation consists of two application deadlines: Cycle 1 applications were due August 19, 2022, and Cycle 2 applications were due February 1, 2023. 

Funding Awards for Round 2 Cycle 1 

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) has completed the Round 2, Cycle 1 solicitation by releasing the Funding Awards for the Tulare-Kern Funding area on February 6, 2023.

Final Funding Recommendations: 

In Round 2 Cycle 1, DWR has awarded $57.13 million to 16 IRWM Regions from seven Funding Areas. See the Summary Final Funding Recommendations and Detailed Final Funding Recommendations linked below: 

• Central Coast
Colorado River
Mountain Counties
San Diego
San Joaquin River

• Tulare-Kern

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Round 1 Grant Solicitation 

On April 22, 2019, DWR released the Final Proposition 1 - Round 1 IRWM Implementation Grant Proposal Solicitation Package (PSP) and Final 2019 Guidelines (Guidelines). This solicitation made approximately $222 million available.

In 2020, DWR awarded $211 million to 42 IRWM Regions in the Round 1 funding for implementation projects including approximately $25 million for disadvantaged community projects.

Guidelines & Proposal Solicitation Package

The documents below will provide potential grant applicants with an overview of the program and detailed requirements for this solicitation.

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Grant Updates

Solar-treated desalination system

Continuous Application Process schedule is revised as follows: March 12: GRanTS open for application preparation for Continuous Application process. March 30: Begin receiving applications for Continuous Application Process.

desalination with solar still

DWR announced the Round 4 final funding awards. Nine projects were awarded a total of $44.4 million. The remaining $48.7 million still available will be offered on a continuous basis and awarded on a first-ready, first-awarded basis until all grant funds are exhausted.