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The IRWM Implementation Grant Program provides funding for implementation projects that meet the intent of Proposition 1, Chapter 7

Approximately $403 million in grant funding is being made available for implementation projects with at least $51 million being made available for projects that provide benefits to Disadvantaged CommunitiesDWR is awarding grants on a competitive basis in two funding rounds.  To apply for grants through this program, project proponents must coordinate through their established IRWM Regional Water Management Group, and the Regional Group must in turn coordinate with other groups within the Proposition 1 IRWM Funding Area. 

Round 2 Grant Solicitation

The Round 2 solicitation will award the remaining funds  in a second implementation funding round. DWR anticipates releasing the Draft Proposition 1 - Round 2 IRWM Implementation Grant Proposal Solicitation Package (PSP) in summer 2021 and the Final PSP by the end of 2021.

Supplemental information pertinent and necessary to complete a grant application for this solicitation can be found in the drop-down menus below.


Round 1 Grant Solicitation 

On April  22, 2019, DWR released the Final Proposition 1 - Round 1 IRWM Implementation Grant Proposal Solicitation Package (PSP) and Final 2019 Guidelines (Guidelines). This solicitation made approximately $ 222 million available with approximately $23.6 million reserved for projects that directly benefit disadvantaged communities.

DWR awarded the Round 1 funding in 2020 for each IRWM Funding Area. View the full list of draft and final funding awards and public comment period dates, please click the "Draft and Final Award Lists" accordion below.

Guidelines & Proposal Solicitation Package

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