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The Dispatcher's Daily Water, Weekly Summary of SWP Water Operations, and Weekly Summary of SWP Reservoirs reports that were posted on this web page have been temporarily removed.  The reports are being reformatted to better serve more visitors of water.ca.gov.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

You may request a copy of these previously posted reports by sending a request to the following email address: oco_car_reprt@water.ca.gov. 

Project Wide Operations

Below are links to project-wide State Water Project (SWP) operations reports and storage charts: 

Weekly Reservoir Storage Charts  

Oroville | Del Valle | San Luis | Pyramid | Castaic | Silverwood | Perris     

Delta Status and Operations

Below are links to SWP Delta status and operations reports:

Delta Operations Summary (daily)

Water Quality Summary (daily)

Hydrologic Conditions Summary (daily)

Miscellaneous Monitoring Data (daily)

Barker Slough Flows (weekly)

You may request a copy of the previously posted Clifton Court tide graphs by sending a request to the Export Management Contact listed in the "How To Contact Us" section. 

Oroville Operations 

Below are links to SWP Lake Oroville operations charts:

Forecasted Storage

Hatchery and Robinson Riffle Daily Average Water Temperature

You may request a copy of the previously posted Oroville Reservoir storage charts and the "Hatchery and Robinson Riffle Ambient Water Temperature" chart by sending a request to the Supply Management Contact listed in the "How To Contact Us" section.  

How To Contact Us

Project-Wide Operations/Reporting Section

(916) 574-2677 | oco_car_reprt@water.ca.gov

Delta Status and Operations/Export Management Section

Bryant Giorgi, Section Manager

(916) 574-2660 | Bryant.Giorgi@water.ca.gov

Oroville Operations/Supply Management Section 

Norman Lee, Section Manager

(916) 574-2655 | Norman.Lee@water.ca.gov

Fax Number for above business sections:

(916) 574-2785

Address for above business sections: 

SWP Operations Control Office
Attn:  Reports, Supply or Export Management Section
Department of Water Resources
3310 El Camino Ave., Ste. 300
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