Operations and Delta Status

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Project Wide Operations

Below are links to project-wide SWP operations reports and graphs plus information regarding monthly and annual reports:

                                                Dispatcher's Daily Water Reports    

                                                                                     Mon | Tues | Wed | Thu | Fri | Sat | Sun  


                                                Weekly Reservoir Storage Charts 

                                                          Oroville | Del Valle | San Luis | Pyramid | Castaic | Silverwood | Perris


Delta Status and Operations

Below are links to the SWP Delta status and operations reports and graphs:

Delta Operations Summary (daily) | Water Quality Summary (daily)

Hydrologic Conditions Summary (daily) | Miscellaneous Monitoring Data (daily)

Bay-Delta Standards | Barker Slough Flows (weekly)


Clifton Court Tide Graphs

Current | Next Month

Oroville Operations

Below are links to the SWP Lake Oroville operations graphs: 

Forecasted Storage

Hatchery and Robinson Riffle Daily Average Water Temperature

Hatchery and Robinson Riffle Ambient Water Temperature


Weekly Reservoir Storage Graphs           

Multi-Year | Current Year with Flood Storage

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Project-Wide Operations/Reports Section

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Delta Status and Operations/Export Management Section

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Oroville Operations/Supply Management Section 

Andy Chu, Section Chief

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Fax Number for above business sections:

(916) 574-2785

Address for above business sections: 

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