Part I. General, Water Well Standards

The standards presented here are intended to apply to the construction (including major reconstruction) or destruction of water wells throughout the State of California. However, under certain circumstances, adequate protection of groundwater quality may require more stringent standards than those presented here; under other circumstances, it may be necessary to substitute other measures which will provide protection equal to that provided by these standards. Such situations arise from practicalities in applying any standards or, in this case, from anomalies in groundwater geology or hydrology. Since it is impractical to prepare standards for every conceivable situation, provision has been made for deviation from the standards as well as for additional ones. However, the Department believes that for most conditions encountered in the State, the standards presented in this report are satisfactory for the protection of groundwater quality.

In the past, the Department expended considerable effort in defining areas where standards should be applied to prevent the mixing of waters of differing qualities in specific groundwater areas in California. For example, groundwaters of varying quality in the San Joaquin Valley are naturally separated by a confining bed commonly called the "Corcoran Clay". The standards presented here continue to support the findings and recommendations made regarding the application of standards to the specific areas previously studied. (See Table 1.)

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