California Water Plan Update 2023

Image showing an aerial view of the confluence of the Sacramento and Feather rivers, northwest of Sacramento, California. Vast agricultural lands extend from the confluence to distant mountains.

The planning process for Update 2023 included a robust communities of interest engagement that aimed to develop a trusted body of knowledge, increase alignment and efficiency among State agencies, build support for its recommendations, and inform implementation and investments.

The California Water Plan, updated every five years, is the State’s strategic plan for sustainably and equitably managing and developing water resources for current and future generations. California Water Plan Update 2023 (Update 2023) promotes climate resilience across regions and water sectors with a statewide vision, clear goals, watershed planning framework and toolkit, and progress-tracking dashboard of indicators. It also includes updated resource management strategies, regional planning and performance tracking tools, water balances, future scenarios, and other technical and policy-related activities related to water resilience and sustainability.

Final Update 2023

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) has released the final version of California Water Plan Update 2023. This plan can now be used by water managers, water districts, cities and counties, and Tribal communities, to inform and guide the use and development of water resources in the state. To match the pace of climate change impacts, California must move smarter, faster, and collaboratively to update our water systems. To accomplish this, Update 2023 builds on the Water Resilience Portfolio, and California’s Water Supply Strategy to ensure a more climate-resilient future for the state’s water supplies.

Update 2023 promotes a vision where: “All Californians benefit from water resources that are sustainable, resilient to climate change, and managed to achieve shared values and connections to our communities and the environment.” To tackle this ambitious vision, Update 2023 focuses on three intersecting themes: addressing climate urgency, strengthening watershed resilience, and achieving equity in water management.

This update weaves equity throughout the document and dedicates a full chapter to this very important topic. Addressing these equity challenges is crucial for climate adaptation and community resilience for all who live in California and is in accordance with Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N-16-22 which directs State agencies to take critical actions and address equity in all strategic plans and updates. 

For the first time ever in a California Water Plan, an entire chapter is dedicated to the challenges, strengths, and resources of California Native American Tribes. Chapter 7, “Strengths and Resources of California Native American Tribes" was co-authored by members of the California Water Plan Tribal Advisory Committee consisting of Tribal Chairs, members, and representatives.    

Update 2023 has been informed by a diverse group of communities of interest and place. The feedback and suggestions DWR received were included in in the final plan. Materials from these meetings are available. If you have any questions, you can contact the Water Plan Team at  

Engagement venues included:

  • Core State Agency Team
  • Policy Advisory Committee
  • Tribal Advisory Committee
  • Public Meetings
  • Topic and/or place-based workshops

Key Elements that Shaped the Process & Context of Update 2023

Diagram showing the key elements in shaping the development of Update 2023. These are the State Water Code, the Water Resilience Portfolio, stakeholders, and the Governor's climate action plan.  

Release Webinar

DWR hosted a two-hour webinar on April 29, 2024, from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM that highlighted key points of Update 2023. The webinar also highlighted upcoming projects and funding that put California Water Plan Update 2023 into action. Additional meeting information, including an agenda and links to the recording of the webinar are available on DWR's Events page

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Video:  Governor Newsom and DWR Director Nemeth Announce California Water Plan Update 2023

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