California Water Plan Update 2023 Release Webinar

The final California Water Plan Update 2023 has been released. This plan can now be used by water managers, such as water districts, cities and counties, and Tribal communities, to inform and guide the use and development of water resources in the state. Update 2023 focuses on three intersecting themes: addressing climate urgency, strengthening watershed resilience, and achieving equity in water management. 

On April 29, 2024, from 10 am - 12 pm, the California Water Plan Team provided an overview of the plan.   

The recoding of the webinar is linked below in the agenda. A copy of the presentation is available online


Meeting Objectives:

  1. Introduce participants to Update 2023.
  2. Provide next steps on Watershed Resilience Pilot Projects.
  3. Next steps.
Item Topic Presenter
1. Welcome Eric Tsai, DWR
2. Overview of Update 2023 Water Plan Team
3. Watershed Resilience Pilot Program Eric Tsai, DWR
4. Continuing Core Activities Lewis Moeller, DWR
5. Adjourn

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