DWR Updates

Photo of Bidwell Canyon Marina from Loafer Creek. Photo courtesy of California State Parks.

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) continues operations to maintain critical functions while modifying the way we work in the face of the current emergencies, like COVID-19 and fires statewide, to protect our staff and the public.

DWR Environmental Scientist Casey Campos

When salmon spawn, it marks the end of their lifecycle. But it doesn’t mark the end of DWR’s salmon research. DWR studies the carcasses to learn about salmon populations and assess their numbers in the Feather River. Casey Campos, an environmental scientist with DWR’s Feather River Program, leads the Chinook Salmon Escapement Survey study.

Groundwater is pumped from a production well to a nearby agricultural canal in Yolo County.

Groundwater is California’s water savings bank account that can be tapped during dry years when water in lakes and rivers are low. Conserving water helps preserve groundwater, which is important for plants, animals and people.