Urban Streams Restoration Program

Since 1985, the Urban Streams Restoration Program provided more than 270 grants in accordance with California Water Code Section 7048, ranging from $1,000 to $1 million to communities throughout California. This USRP table (PDF) lists all projects funded partially or completely by our program from 1986 to 2016.


The projects have included:

  • Stream cleanups
  • Bank stabilization projects
  • Revegetation efforts
  • Recontouring of channels to improve floodplain function
  • Occasional acquisition of strategic floodplain properties or easements


We continue to actively manage projects from the 2008 , 2014, and 2019 grant cycles. For completed projects, view the summaries of completed projects for these grant cycles. For active projects, view the project summaries below which are categorized by IRWM Regions.


Through the Riverine Stewardship Program, and in conjunction with the San Joaquin Fish Population Enhancement Program, we will fund planning and implementation projects for that restore streams, creeks, and rivers to enhance the environment for fish, wildlife, and people.


Visit the USRP’s Grants Page to learn about our services or contact us. Learn more about the current solicitation on the Riverine Stewardship Program – Grants webpage.


Winter 2022 Final USRP Grant Awards

On June 19, 2023, DWR released the Final Award List for the 2022 USRP solicitation following the end of the 15-day public comment period. DWR selected the following project for grant funding, on the table below to received funding for the Winter 2022 Riverine Stewardship Solicitation under the Urban Streams Restoration Program.  

 Project Name  Grantee (Sponsor/ Co-sponsor)  Amount Awarded  Project Location
 Carr Lake Restoration  Big Sur Land Trust/ Center for Community Advocacy  $2,500,000  Monterey
 Total    $2,500,000  


The Riverine Stewardship Program solicitation awards grants through a rolling application cycle until all available local assistance funding is distributed. The first application cycle began in June 2022 for concept proposals and we those, which met our eligibility requirements to submit full applications by August 31, 2022.

You may refer to the guidelines and proposal solicitation package for detailed information on the solicitation rules, procedures, and processes at the Riverine Stewardship Program – Grants webpage. 


Fall 2022 Final USRP Grant Awards


On December 30, 2022, DWR released the Final Award List for the 2022 USRP solicitation following the end of the 15-day public comment period on the draft award list on November 15, 2022. DWR selected two projects for grant funding on the table below to receive funding for the Summer 2022 Riverine Stewardship Solicitation under the Urban Streams Restoration Program. 


Project Name

Grantee (Sponsor/ Co-sponsor)

Amount Awarded

Project Location 

Donner Creek Restoration Truckee River Watershed Council/ Truckee Donner Public Utility District  $1,239,936 Nevada County
 Lower Colgan Creek Restoration Project - Phase 3

City of Santa Rosa/ Laguna De Santa Rosa Foundation

$4,368,066 Sonoma County
 Total   $5,608,002


2019 Solicitation Grants

On March 26, 2020, DWR released the Final Awards List for the 2019 USRP solicitation. The solicitation period closed on August 30, 2019. A 15-day public comment period began on January 29, 2020, when the Draft Award List was published. The projects shown on the table below have been selected to receive funding for the 2019 Riverine Stewardship Solicitation under the Urban Stream Restoration Program.

Project Name

Grantee (Sponsor/Cosponsor)

Amount Awarded

Project Location 

Church Street Extension / Trout Creek Restoration Town of Truckee/ Truckee River Watershed Council  $1,000,000.00 Truckee (Nevada County)
Powers Creek Restoration Project  Mad River Alliance/ City of Blue Lake  $639,278.00 Humboldt County
Town Creek Restoration and Education Project *  Eel River Recovery Project/ Round Valley County Water District  $222,450.00 Mendocino County

Buena Vista Creek Restoration and DAC Stewardship Planning
Project *

 City of Oceanside/
Buena Vista Audubon Society 
 $360,800.00 San Diego County
San Ysidro Debris Basin Improvement Project  Santa Barbara County Flood Control & Water Conservation District/
South Coast Habitat Restoration
 $351,417.00  Santa Barbara County
Wildcat Creek Fish Passage and Community Engagement *  Contra Costa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District/ Trout Unlimited  $784,775.00  Contra Costa County

Courtland Creek Restoration Project in Courtland Creek Park*

 City of Oakland/ Oakland Parks and Recreation Foundation $1,551,780.00  Alameda County
Tally Ho Stream Restoration  Coastal San Luis Resource Conservation District/ Creeklands Conservation  $250,335.85  San Luis Obispo County
Broadway Creek Restoration Project *  City of El Cajon/ The San Diego River Pak Foundation  $1,000,000.00  San Diego County
Morrison Creek Revitalization Project  City of Sacramento/ Sacramento Community Land Trust   $697,000.00 Sacramento County
Belmont Creek Stream Restoration at Twins Pines Park  County of San Mateo Department of Public works/Belmont Park Boosters  $1,000,000.00  San Mateo County
 * Project Award has been Amended


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