Riverine Stewardship Program

Creek photo

From left, volunteers Arianna Ong, 11, and Kate Schuette, 8, collect debris in Arcade Creek in Carmichael during Creek Week clean-up day. DWR / 2013.

Through the Riverine Stewardship Program, we combine and extend the expertise and capabilities of two DWR programs that previously worked independently: the Fish Passage Improvement Program and the Urban Streams Restoration Program (USRP).

As a blended program, we are better able to deliver technical and financial assistance for the protection of listed fish species in combination with flood risk reduction and ecosystem enhancement of urban streams.

Our program also includes public engagement, outreach, and disadvantaged community support. We strive to connect with small communities and encourage community participation in project design and implementation.

Grant Opportunities

Funding will be available under the Riverine Stewardship Program’s USRP and San Joaquin Fish Population Enhancement Program (SJFPEP) for planning and implementation of projects that restore streams, creeks, and rivers to enhance the environment for fish, wildlife, and people. For more information on the grant solicitation, visit the Riverine Stewardship Program – Grants webpage. View other grant and loan opportunities with DWR.

Services We Provide


Our work focuses on designing, constructing, managing, and monitoring projects. Projects are selected based on existing priorities set by several entities, depending on the nature of the project:

  • Fish-related improvements
  • Flood risk reduction
  • Riparian, floodplain, and stream channel restoration
  • Climate adaptation

These entities include: DWR, National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA Fisheries), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), California Air Resources Board, Central Valley Flood Protection Board, State Water Resources Control Board, non-governmental organizations, and others.


Technical assistance is available to local agencies and public groups. These services are available statewide, but are dependent on the current availability of program staff, purpose of the project, program employee expertise, and site-specific considerations. Contact us at RSP@water.ca.gov for more information. 

Planning and Implementing Projects


Our role in planning and implementing projects differs from project to project.


Web announcement. Winter 2023 Draft Grant Awards

The Riverine Stewardship Program project solicitation period is now a rolling application cycle that was opened in June 2022 for concept proposals and had a full application closing date of August 31, November 30, February 28, and May 30 of each year. Concept proposals that met eligibility were reviewed and invited for full applications to be submitted. Some applicants were invited to submit full applications. These applications were scored, and the following draft awards are listed below. A 15-day public comment period is now open prior to award finalization. 

Winter 2023 Draft RSP Grant Awards—April 24, 2023


Project Name


Grantee (Sponsor)


Draft Award Amount


Project Location


Phase III of the Stanley Wakefield Wilderness Area Salmonid Habitat Restoration Project


City of Oakdale




Stanislaus County


Lagunitas Creek Salmonid Spawning Gravel Improvement Project


Marin Municipal Water District




Marin County







Public Comment Period now open!

Please submit any questions, opposition, comments, or concerns regarding these draft awards to the RSP Program Manager at RSP@water.ca.gov within the 15-day public comment period, which is open now and closes on May 9, 2023 at 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. The RSP will consider and respond to any comments made during this comment period on the draft awards prior to finalizing the Final Awards in May 2023.