Be Well Prepared

Be Well Prepared




As California continues to experience climate-driven weather extremes, DWR is providing tools and resources to help communities that are dependent on groundwater prepare for potential impacts to household water supplies, which include domestic well owners and residents that use and maintain their own well.

Through our Be Well Prepared program, DWR is empowering domestic drinking water well users by providing the information and resources they need to maintain a safe and reliable household water supply.  

To Be Well Prepared, every well owner should:

  • Know local groundwater conditions, including groundwater levels and water quality
  • Understand any potential risks to the well’s water supply
  • Know well construction details, such as age, depth, condition, and pump details 
  • Know how to maintain a drinking water well, and how to test and treat well water
  • Know where to get help if a well fails

Groundwater Conditions

The following links will help well owners, users, and water managers understand local groundwater conditions.

Well Maintenance

Every well owner should have their water system inspected annually, prior to the dry summer months. 

Water Quality

Annual testing of drinking water wells is recommended by the U.S. EPA.


Even well-prepared households may experience a dry well. Use the resources below if the well has gone dry. 

Articles and Videos

Additional Resources: