Public Water Systems Statistics Surveys

The Water Use and Efficiency Branch conducts a yearly survey of public water agencies in the State of California. The data is used to update the California Water Plan (Bulletin 160), as well as Bulletin 166 – Urban Water Use in California, and helps us estimate regional water demands and plan for future water needs.


Because this is a survey conducted for forecasting purposes, it is not collected from every agency in the state. We appreciate the cooperation and support of the water agencies that provide this annual information.


The monthly urban water production data is split out by the following categories:

  • Number of connections by customer class - Residential (single-family & multi-family); commercial-institutional; industrial; landscape irrigation; agricultural irrigation; and other. This data also identifies metered or unmetered connections or if recycled water is being used.
  • Water production - Water produced by wells, surface water, purchased water, and recycled water. This section also includes information on the level of recycled water treatment.
  • Metered water deliveries by customer class - including agricultural irrigation and wholesale to other agencies.
  • Promotion of sustainability - Actions that improve compatibility with the natural environment and reduce the expected costs to operate and maintain flood management systems into the future.


Data is available in Excel format for the years 1994-2002 and in more limited basis for the years 1991-1993. Data is also available in Access database format for 1994-2002. Paper data is sparsely available from 1980-1990. To request Public Water Systems Statistics Survey data, email us.