SWP Water Contractors

The Department of Water Resources administers long-term water supply contracts to 29 local water agencies for water service from the State Water Project. These water supply contracts are central to the SWP's construction and operation. In return for State financing, construction, operation and maintenance of Project facilities, the agencies contractually agree to repay all associated SWP capital and operating costs. Original contracts and their amendments are available in PDF format below, for all water contractors.

To provide a convenient reference, consolidated contracts have also been compiled for the contractors, integrating the amendments into the language of the original contract.

Consolidated Contract Disclaimer: “This document integrates [contractor's] SWP water supply contract with the many amendments to the contract entered into since [date contract signed]. It is intended only to provide a convenient reference source, and the Department of Water Resources is unable to provide assurance that this integrated version accurately represents the original documents. For legal purposes, or when precise accuracy is required, users should direct their attention to original source documents rather than this integrated version.”

Notices to State Water Project Contractors

Several times a year we issue Notices to SWP Long-Term Water Supply Contractors providing key information regarding SWP water allocations, water supply programs, billing information, and other administrative matters. The notices are public records and are all available for viewing.


SWP Contractors and Contracts


For more information on SWP long-term water contracts, contact the SWP Analysis Office:

  • Phone: (916) 653-4313
  • Fax: (916) 653-9628
  • Email: SWPAO

For information on the SWP long-term water contractors, contact the State Water Contractors Association: