Flood Risk Notification

Cover image for the 2019 Flood Risk Notification showing a drawing of homes and cars being flooded
2019 Flood Risk Notification

We mail out flood risk notifications every September to inform property owners of their flood risks.

Millions of Californians are at risk from flooding along thousands of miles of streams, rivers, lakes and coastline. Floods can bring devastating impacts to regions and no one can predict when and where floods will occur. But hydrologic engineers and other experts can estimate the likelihood of annual flood flows and stages that could occur in any particular location with collected data. Flood information can be used to estimate average annual damage. If you live, work, or own property in a flood-prone area, you can use the information of average annual damage to:


  • Stay informed about the flood risk to you and your property.
  • Weigh cost-effective options to reduce flood risk.
  • Measure the viability of flood insurance



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