Multibenefit Programs

Bradmoor Island
Badmoor Island

The goal of DWR’s Division of Multi-Benefit Initiatives (DMI) is to implement programs and projects that reduce flood risk, and provide other benefits such as fish and wildlife habitat restoration,improved fish passage, enhanced food web production for fish, and public access to recreation.

DMI uses multiple programs to implement its goals throughout the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (Bay-Delta) and tributary watersheds.

DMI strives to:

  • Use public funds for projects that maximize value for Californians and the State’s ecosystems
  • Maximize use of available landscapes in the State’s waterways and flood system by developing projects that create multiple benefits for people ecosystems, habitats, and species
  • Recognize the connectiveness of water resources management at the watershed and regional scales and respect regions’ unique governance, perspectives, interests, and priorities
  • Advance and develop innovative, science-based methods for implementing habitat restoration and enhancement