Inundation Maps

Pursuant to Section 6161 of the California Water Code, inundation maps that include flood wave arrival time, maximum depth, deflood time, and usually peak velocity for dams and their appurtenant structures have been approved by the Division of Safety of Dams. The following approved maps include the flood wave arrival time, maximum depth, and, when included, peak velocity. Additional dam inundation maps with flood wave arrival time, maximum depth, and, when included, peak velocity will be publicly available once approved by DSOD.

Inundation map specific Frequently Asked Questions can be found at the General FAQs page.


Dam Name  Dam Number  Reservoir Name  County  Inundation Map
 Oroville          1-48  Lake Oroville  Butte  PDF
 Castaic          1-58  Castaic Lake  Los Angeles  PDF
 Pyramid          1-66  Pyramid Lake  Los Angeles  PDF
 Antioch Res          3  Antioch Municipal  Contra Costa  PDF
 San Vicente          8-9  San Vicente  San Diego  PDF
 O'Shaughnessy          9-5  Hetch Hetchy  Tuolumne  PDF
 Newell          23-2  Loch Lomond  Santa Cruz  PDF
 Alpine          33-0  Alpine Lake  Marin  PDF
 Palos Verdes          35-4  Palos Verdes  Los Angeles  PDF
 Diemer Reservoir          35-10  Diemer Reservoir  Orange  PDF
 Diemer Ozone Contact Basin          35-22  Diemer Ozone  Orange  PDF
 Red Mountain Reservoir          37  Red Mountain  San Diego  PDF
 Chet Harritt          56-9  Lake Jennings  San Diego  PDF
 McSwain          58-4  Lake McSwain  Mariposa  PDF
 Seven Oaks          87-16  Seven Oaks  San Bernardino  PDF
 Higuera          629  Higuera  Santa Clara  PDF
 Lake Wohlford          834-0  Lake Wohlford  San Diego  PDF
 Railroad Canyon          818-0  Canyon Lake  Riverside  PDF
 San Antonio          1008-2  Lake San Antonio  Monterey  PDF
 Los Vaqueros          1019-3  Los Vaqueros  Contra Costa  PDF
 Palisades Reservoir          1022-2  Palisades  Orange  PDF
 Hinkle          1031-2  Hinkle  Placer  PDF
 Walnut Canyon          1037-0  Walnut Canyon  Orange  PDF
 Box Canyon          1056  Lake Siskiyou  Siskiyou  PDF
 Vail          2028  Vail Lake  Riverside  PDF
 Crystal Lake          2465   Crystal Lake  El Dorado  PDF


Flow Chart: Owner process to make inundation maps
Flow Chart: DSOD and Cal OES Review
Emergency Regulations
Water code: Inundation Maps and Emergency Planning
Dam Owner: Emergency Intervention Toolbox
Federal Guidelines for Inundation Mapping
ASDSO brochure: Dam Owner Responsibility and Liability
ASDSO brochure: Procuring the Services of a Professional Engineer
ASDSO brochure: Emergency Action Planning
Cal OES: Dam Safety Emergency Planning

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