Full Application Invitation to Delta Levees Special Flood Control Projects Program 2023 Project Solicitation Package for Multi-Benefit Projects


The Projects Solicitation Package for Multi-Benefit Projects (PSP) was released on February 3, 2023, under the 2014 Delta Levees Special Flood Control Projects Guidelines for Providing Funding to Local Public Agencies.  This PSP focused on multi-benefit projects that integrate levee improvement, habitat enhancement, and export water supply reliability.


For this PSP, the application process consists of two phases.  The first phase is the submission of a Concept Proposal.  The second phase invites applicants with Concept Proposals determined by DWR to meet the intent and requirements of the PSP to submit a Full Application for funding consideration.


In response to the Concept Proposal phase of this PSP, 17 Concept Proposals were received for a total estimated cost of $135 million.  The Concept Proposals were reviewed for eligibility and completeness, and evaluated against the criteria outlined in the PSP.  Based on this, 6 Concept Proposals are invited to submit a Full Application for consideration as part of the second phase of the PSP process.  The 6 proposals are:


•         BIMID, Bethel Island, $5,000,000.00

•         RD 756, Bouldin Island, $7,500,000.00

•         RD 799, Hotchkiss Tract, $3,375,000.00

•         RD 341, Sherman Island, $9,000,000.00

•         RD 38, Staten Island, $15,790,000.00

•         RD 1601, Twitchell Island, $17,000,000.00

If your project is listed above, you are invited to submit a full application.  Please note that since this is a competitive process, selection to move forward to the second phase does not guarantee funding towards the conceptual project. 


If your project is not listed above, your Concept Proposal was not chosen to move forward at this time.

As stated above, this is a competitive process.  The Second Phase is explained in Section 5B, Full Applications (Second Phase) of the PSP, and Section 5C explains the Full Application Scoring Criteria.


This PSP is limited to a maximum of $37 million in total grant funding.  Applications submitted in response to this PSP will be limited to no more than $15 million in State funding per successful project.  The goal of this PSP is to seek applications for projects that integrate levee improvement (up to the DWR Bulletin 192-82 template), habitat enhancement, emergency response, seismic resiliency, and export water supply reliability.


Full applications are due by 4:00 pm on June 23, 2023. Please see the PSP for details. If invited, please submit one electronic copy of all documents to the Delta Levees Program at DeltaLeveesProgram@water.ca.gov, and one hard copy of the Full Application to: 


California Department of Water Resources

Attention: Andrea L. Lobato, P.E., Manager

Delta Levees Program

Division of Multi-Benefit Initiatives

Department of Water Resources

Post Office Box 942836

Sacramento, CA 94236-0001


For additional questions during the full application period, please contact Andrea Lobato at Andrea.Lobato@water.ca.gov.