California Water Plan Public Workshop - Climate Change

Image showing the cover image for Update 2023.

The California Water Plan will be holding a virtual public workshop on Monday, July 11 to provide details on the science, tools and processes that DWR has been developing and applying for climate resilience. The workshop will help attendees understand how DWR’s work can support local and regional water resource-related climate adaptation efforts. The workshop will be held from 10 am to 3 pm.

Registration link:

This will be the second climate change themed public workshop and will expand on the work being done for Update 2023. Climate change is one of the three themes of Update 2023.

The workshop will consist of three sessions, Setting the Stage, Future Conditions, and Watershed Community Resilience. An overview of the agenda is available below: 


Item  Time Topic
1.  10:00 am Welcome, Workshop Objectives, and Agenda Review
2.  10:10 am Part 1: Setting the Stage
3.  10:50 am Part 2: Future Conditions
4.  12:00 pm Lunch Break
5.  12:30 pm Part 2: Future Conditions, continued
6.  2:10 pm Part 3: Watershed and Community Resilience
 7.  2:55 pm  Summary
 8.  3:00 pm  Adjourn

If you have any questions, you can contact us at