Public meeting for the Lower Elkhorn Basin Levee Setback Project Draft EIS/EIR

Picture of Lower Elkhorn Basin, Sacramento Weir and Bypass, Sacramento River, and Yolo Bypass

Aerial view of the Sacramento Weir and Bypass

DWR proposes to construct levee setbacks to widen portions of the Yolo and Sacramento Bypasses to increase conveyance capacity and reduce flood risk. The proposed project would be part of a series of proposed flood-risk reduction improvements contemplated under DWR’s Central Valley Flood Protection Plan and its related Sacramento River Basin-Wide Feasibility Study.

A public meeting will be held to present information about the project and receive oral or written comments on the Draft EIS/EIR.

The Draft EIS/EIR and project information is available on the Lower Elkhorn Basin Levee Setback Program's webpage.


West Sacramento City Hall 1110 West Capitol Avenue, West Sacramento, CA, 95691