Flood Corridor Program

The Flood Corridor Program (FCP) provides grant funding to proponents of nonstructural flood management projects throughout the state that include wildlife habitat enhancement and/or agricultural land preservation.  By conserving agricultural lands, preserving wildlife habitat, acquiring flood flow easements, and restoring floodplain functions, floodwaters can safely spread over and, in some cases, move more quickly through floodplains or be detained for later release. These efforts can reduce peak flows upstream and downstream. Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced wetland development
  • Recharged groundwater
  • Enhanced wildlife habitat
  • Trapped sediment
  • Acquired sites that cannot be made safe from future flooding.

This program was established in March 2000 when California voters passed Proposition 13, the "Safe Drinking Water, Clean Water, Watershed Protection, and Flood Protection Act."  Additional funding has been provided by Proposition 84 and Proposition 1E, which were passed in 2006.