Dam Safety and Climate Resilience Local Assistance Program

The Dam Safety and Climate Resilience Local Assistance Program (DSCR) provides State funding for repairs, rehabilitation, enhancements, and other dam safety projects at existing State jurisdictional dams and associated facilities that were in service prior to January 1, 2023. This program was established in June 2023 through Senate Bill 122. The program was originally introduced during the public comment period as the Dam Safety and Enhancements (DSE) program. DWR has reverted to the original program name as stated in Senate Bill 122: Dam Safety and Climate Resilience Local Assistance Program. There is currently $47.5 million available for this program.

Program Details

DSCR projects should provide some or all of the following public benefits. They are listed below in order of priority:

  1. Protection of public safety.
  2. Restoration of water storage.
  3. Flood risk reduction.
  4. Enhancement of water supply reliability.
  5. Enhancement, protection, or restoration of habitat for fish and wildlife.
  6. Protection of water quality.

DSCR projects eligible to receive funding under the program include the following:

  • Dam repairs to allow water storage to full capacity.
  • New spillway and spillway repair projects at existing dams.
  • Dam and reservoir seismic retrofit projects.
  • Enhancement of water supply and downstream flood risk reduction such as implementation of Forecast-Informed Reservoir Operations.
  • One-time projects to remove sediment resulting from wildfires or extraordinary storm events.
  • Improvements to appurtenances to address dam safety-related deficiencies identified by the department.

No funds shall be awarded for raising dams, increasing reservoir space, or otherwise increasing water impoundment.

Program Documents

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