Agriculture Water Use Efficiency CDFA-DWR

Through this competitive grant program, DWR and CDFA intend to demonstrate the potential multiple benefits of conveyance enhancements combined with on-farm agricultural water use efficiency improvements and greenhouse gas reductions. The grant funding provided in this joint program is intended to address multiple goals including: 1) water use efficiency, conservation and reduction, 2) greenhouse gas emission reductions, 3) groundwater protection, and 4) sustainability of agricultural operations and food production. It is also anticipated that there will be benefits to water and air quality, groundwater security, surface water conservation, and improved nutrient management and crop health through this program.


Eligible DWR Applicants: Public agencies, public utilities, federally recognized or state Indian tribes on California’s Tribal consultation list, nonprofit organizations, mutual water companies, and investor-owned utilities regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission.

There are no open solicitations at this time; projects funded are in progress. Grant funding for conveyance enhancements is through Proposition 1 and grant funding for on-farm improvements is through the State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program (SWEEP) administered by the CDFA.

Public comments were solicited for the Draft PSP, Final PSP, and Draft Awards.  The public comment period is closed.



On September 13, 2017, DWR awarded the entire $3 million of available Proposition 1 funds to the North San Joaquin Water Conservation District to upgrade the south system water conveyance to provide on-demand, pressurized water to their growers.

There were 19 grower co-applicants applying for CDFA SWEEP funds totaling $1.65 million.

Final Funding Approval

Notice of Public Comment Period on Draft Funding Recommendation

Anticipated Project Benefits


The combined projects are anticipated to provide the following benefits:

  • 1,000 acre-feet per year water savings through reduced system losses
  • 1,800 acre-feet per year water saving through on-farm water efficiency improvements
  • 370 MTCO2e per year reduced GHG emissions (125 MTCO2e pe year from supplier)
  • 12,000 acre-feet per year in-lieu groundwater recharge

Contact Information

Fethi BenJemaa
Urban and Agricultural Water Use Efficiency Grant Program Manager
(916) 651-7025

Marty Berbach
(916) 651-9216