East Porterville Water Supply Project

East Porterville Water Supply Project

East Porterville Water Supply Project

During the recent 5-year drought, hundreds of families in East Porterville, a small unincorporated community in Tulare County, lost access to potable water because their groundwater wells went dry. After the Governor declared a State of emergency in January 2014, the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and Tulare County's Office of Emergency Services began delivering water tanks and bottled water.

In an effort to create a more sustainable solution, DWR joined the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and the State Water Resources Control Board, in cooperation with the City of Porterville and Tulare County and community organizations such as Self-Help Enterprises and Community Water Center to deliver a permanent solution.

The East Porterville Water Supply Project began in January 2016 with the construction of a network of pipes connecting East Porterville homes with the City of Porterville’s municipal water supply. The cost to connect was 100% free to participating community members.

1,100 households were eligible to receive a free connection to safe, reliable municipal water. In coordination with our partners, we held several community meetings and did door-to-door outreach to inform residents about the project and invite them to participate.

We connected the first household in August 2016. By the end of the project’s first phase, in March 2017, we had connected about 300 homes.

In early February of 2018, we connected another 450 homes to a reliable water solution, for a total of about 750 homes. We will continue to complete supporting infrastructure projects through 2018.

We continue working with our partners on other projects throughout the state to bring a permanent solution to communities still suffering from the effects of the drought. Access to clean, affordable, reliable water is a human right.

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