Urban Water Management Plans

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Urban Water Management Plans are prepared by urban water suppliers every 5 years to support long-term resource planning and water supply sustainability.

Urban Water Management Plans (UWMPs) are prepared by urban water suppliers every 5 years. These plans support the suppliers’ long-term resource planning to ensure that adequate water supplies are available to meet existing and future water needs. 


The requirements for UWMPs are found in 2 sections of California Water Code, §10610-10656 and §10608.  Every urban water supplier that either provides over 3,000 acre-feet of water annually, or serves more than 3,000 urban connections is required to submit an UWMP.


Within UWMPs, urban water suppliers must:

  • Assess the reliability of water sources over a 20-year planning time frame
  • Describe demand management measures and water shortage contingency plans


  • Report progress toward meeting a targeted 20 percent reduction in per-capita (per-person) urban water consumption by the year 2020
  • Discuss the use and planned use of recycled water

The information collected from the submitted UWMPs is useful for local, regional, and statewide water planning.

DWR’s role


DWR provides guidance for urban water suppliers by preparing an UWMP Guidebook, conducting workshops, developing tools, and providing program staff to help water suppliers prepare comprehensive and useful water management plans, implement water conservation programs, and understand the requirements in the California Water Code that regulate Urban Water Management Planning.


DWR then reviews the submitted plans to make sure they have addressed the requirements identified in the Water Code and submits a report to the Legislature summarizing the status of the plans for each 5-year cycle.


2015 UWMP Guidebook

The 2015 Urban Water Management Plan Guidebook for Urban Water Suppliers is the guidance document prepared by DWR to support preparation of 2015 UWMPs by water suppliers. 

DWR Population Tool

The DWR Population Tool is used by urban water supplier to accurately calculate their service area population using GIS and US Census data. Water suppliers will need to log into WUEdata in order to use this tool. A PowerPoint demonstration of this tool is available here. 


Methodologies for Calculating Baseline and Compliance Urban Per Capita Water Use

“Methodologies for Calculating Baseline and Compliance Urban Per Capita Water Use” was developed to assist urban water suppliers in implementing the Water Conservation Act of 2009, also known as SB X7-7.  The 2016 update includes “Methodology 8: Criteria for Adjustments for Compliance Daily per Capita Water Use” and removes the former “Appendix A: Alternative Methodology for Service Area Population”. 

2015 UWMP Workshops

In November and December of 2015, DWR hosted UWMP workshops in several locations around the state.

Workshop Flyer and Agenda

2015 Planning

Urban water suppliers submit their UWMPs to DWR through the secure WUEdata portal.  Access into this portal is restricted to water suppliers, their authorized representatives, and DWR.

2015 Planning Cycle

The data for all submitted UWMPs is available to the public at the public WUEdata Portal.

If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us.

As required by California Water Code, DWR must submit a report to the legislature describing the status of submitted UWMPs, statewide progress toward meeting the targeted 20% reduction in water use by 2020, and exemplary elements of submitted plans.  These reports summarize the status of the planning cycle UWMP submittals received at the time of the preparation of the Legislative Report and they document key highlights in the UWMPs as determined by DWR

2015 Urban Water Management Plans a Report to the Legislature is available here. 

2010 Urban Water Management Plans a Report to the Legislature Part 1, submitted June of 2012.

2005 Urban Water Management Plans a Report to the Legislature, submitted 2006.

To access all other digital documents, including any drafts, red-line versions, or other associated urban water management planning documents, please visit the DWR Library.  

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