Non-Project Water Inflows


DWR may accept the introduction of non-Project groundwater and surface water into the State Water Project (SWP) from local water agencies and contractors. The term non-Project water refers to any water that does not originate as south Delta exports. The introduction of this water is managed through a series of turn-in projects.

These projects operate in accordance with California Water Code which states that non-Project water may be conveyed, wheeled, or transferred in the SWP provided that water quality is protected. The acceptance of non-Project water is through established agreements with DWR's State Water Project Analysis Office (SWPAO). These agreements between SWPAO and pump-in entities include water quality criteria among other aspects. These water quality criteria dictate that a pump-in entity of any non-project water program must demonstrate that the water is of consistent, predictable, and acceptable quality prior to pumping the local groundwater into the SWP. Since there cannot be any adverse impacts to SWP water deliveries, operations or facilities, the water quality criteria cannot constrain DWR's ability to operate the SWP for its intended purposes.

The pump-in volumes and water quality are monitored regularly when the following pump-in entities are introducing groundwater into the SWP:

  • Westlands Water District
  • San Luis Water District
  • Semitropic Water Storage District
  • Cross Valley Canal (Rev)
  • Kern Water Bank Canal (Rev)
  • Buena Vista Water Storage District
  • Arvin-Edison Water Storage District
  • Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa Water Storage District