South SWP Facilities

The South SWP Hydropower facilities, also known as FERC Project No. 2426 or P-2426, are located at the southern end of the State Water Project (SWP), south of the Tehachapi Afterbay. This license expires in 2022. DWR is in the process of relicensing these facilities.

Relicensing of South SWP Hydropower

On January 14, 1972, FERC issued an order granting issuance of a 50-year license with conditions to DWR and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) to the extent of its interest in the Castaic Powerplant pump storage operation. FERC later issued its Final Environmental Impact Statement (June 1976) to retroactively comply with the National Environmental Policy Act. The original license included 28 standard articles (Form L) and 27 other articles specific to the P-2426 license. In addition to these license articles, the original P-2426 license included 58 separate submissions called exhibits. Exhibits include maps, engineering drawings, environmental mitigation plan, recreational plan, and cultural resources management plan.

The current license expires on January 31, 2022. At the completion of the relicensing, DWR and LADWP are requesting that FERC issue:
  • One new license to DWR and LADWP as co-licensees for the South SWP Hydropower facilities that consist of the Warne and Castaic Power Developments on the West Branch, and 
  • One new license to DWR for the Devil Canyon Project that consists of the Devil Canyon Power Development on the East Branch.

Pyramid Lake

Pyramid lake And Dam

Pyramid Lake and Dam, located in Los Angeles County, provides storage for SWP deliveries from the West Branch Aqueduct. DWR/2014

Silverwood Lake

Cedar Springs Dam

Cedar Springs Dam and Silverwood Lake, located in the San Bernardino National Forest, provides storage for SWP deliveries to the East Branch Aqueduct. DWR/2014 


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