Sacramento River Basin Projects

The Sacramento River Basin projects are part of the Habitat Expansion Agreement to expand spawning and rearing habitat for salmon and steelhead. Much of this habitat has been impacted by flood control and water diversions. We are planning to restore functionality to some impacted habitats through mitigation for the State Water Project (SWP).

The Sacramento River Basin includes:

  • The Lower Yuba River
  • The Feather River
  • American River
  • Other Tributaries

The Lower Yuba River Actions

The Lower Yuba River Actions would achieve the goals of the Habitat Expansion Agreement (HEA) by expanding habitat in the Yuba River below Englebright Dam to support spawning, rearing, and adult holding of spring-run Chinook salmon and steelhead. The actions rated favorably on a number of HEA criteria, including supporting segregation between fall-run and spring-run Chinook salmon and having a high potential to establish another independent, self-sustaining population of spring-run Chinook salmon in the Sacramento River Basin.

Planning and Design Status:The Final Habitat Expansion Plan is currently under review. Currently, National Marine Fisheries Service is working with DWR and PG&E to select a third party to review elements of the plan.