Design-Build Projects

New River Delta

View of the Salton Sea, August 28, 2012. DWR/2012

Design-Build is a method of project delivery that brings designers and contractors together early in the design phase of a project.  The Department clearly defines the technical requirements and performance specifications they expect for a project, and the Design-Build Entity works together to satisfy those requirements.  The Department uses the flexibility Design-Build offers to reduce project costs, expedite project completion, maximize the value received per dollar spent in a variety of situations, and design features not achievable through using traditional design-bid-build method.

Authorizing Legislation

In 2016, the Department obtained legislative authority in Public Contract Code (PCC) §10187 et seq. to use Design-Build method of project delivery, including a best value procurement method for the purpose of projects at the Salton Sea.

Design-Build Procurement Process

The Department will use a two-phase, best-value procurement process to select a Design-Build Entity to deliver the Project. In developing the Project using the Design-Build process, the Department hopes to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the Submitters in minimizing cost and maximizing performance.

The first phase of the Procurement process begins with the issuance of an RFQ and ends with the creation of a short-list of the most qualified Submitters. The purpose of the RFQ is to solicit information that demonstrates the qualifications of the Design-Build Entity for the proposed Project. The Department will evaluate all Statements of Qualifications received to identify Design-Build Entities most qualified to successfully deliver the Project. Up to five of the most qualified Design-Build Entities will be short-listed and invited to participate in the Request for Proposal phase.

Salton Sea Species Conservation Habitat Project

New River Cropped

Aerial View of New River, December 5, 2014. DWR/2014

The Species Conservation Habitat (SCH) Project is part of the 10-year Plan for implementing projects around the Salton Sea to develop an environment with suitable habitat for maintaining aquatic and avian wildlife, and create areas to minimize fine particle duct emissions. The SCH Project area encompasses approximately 3,770 acres of exposed lake bed at the mouth of the New River, located at the southwest end of the Salton Sea. For more information, visit the Salton Sea page.


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Design-Build Announcements

The Department of Water Resources has completed the evaluation of proposals for the Species Conservation Habitat (SCH) project and Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. has been selected as the best-value design-build entity. Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. and DWR are in the process of finalizing the contract. Design and construction of the SCH Project is ...


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