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Managing water resources for sustainability requires alignment and integration among water sectors. While it also requires additional effort, the outcome provides multiple benefits that accrue from the collaboration, interdisciplinary planning, and pooled funding.

California Water Plan Update 2018 (Update 2018) provides recommended actions, funding scenarios, and an investment strategy to bolster efforts by water and resource managers, planners, and decision-makers to overcome California’s most pressing water resource challenges. It reaffirms State government’s unique role and commitment to sustainable, equitable, long-term water resource management; it also introduces implementation tools to inform sound decision-making. The plan’s broad and diverse portfolio of recommended actions address California’s critical, systemic, and institutional challenges.

Update 2018 presents a vision where all Californians benefit from such desirable conditions as reduced flood risk, more-reliable water supplies, reduced groundwater depletion, and greater habitat and species resiliency — all for a more sustainable future. Planning and policy priorities will have a mutual understanding of resource limitations, management deficiencies, and shared intent — with a focus on sustainability and multi-benefit actions that result in greater public health and safety; healthy economy; ecosystem vitality; and cultural, spiritual, recreational, and aesthetic experiences.

DWR will engage with statewide and regional water planning communities, including federal and Tribal partners, to begin implementing the recommended actions in support of the Governor's Water Resilience Portfolio initiative.

Update 2018 is comprised of a number of documents that were prepared for, or used in, developing the plan. These include the supporting documents and featured companion State plans (available in the tabs below). Also available for review are the public review draft and public comments. Additionally, the Water Plan's Resource Management Strategies and Update 2013 Regional Reports provided foundational information for Update 2018. The Technical Guide, available later this year, describes the technical work, data, and tools used for this update.  

Messages from Secretary Crowfoot and Director Nemeth

 Image with the Water Plan's four societal values. Public Health and Safety, Ecosystem Vitality, Healthy Economy, Enriching Experiences.
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California Water Plan
Update 2018

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Foundational information used to develop Water Plan Update 2018 was derived from Update 2013, including the Resource Management Strategies and the Regional Reports.      

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