Water Quality & Supply

West False River Emergency Drought Barrier

The West False River Emergency Drought Barrier. DWR/2015.

Our Bay-Delta Office water quality and supply staff plan and implement programs to promote beneficial uses and management of water in the Delta. We administer the annual construction, operation, and monitoring of the south Delta temporary barriers project and participate in workshops and hearings related to State Water Project (SWP) water rights and water quality issues. We also implement pertinent actions and projects to comply with regulatory requirements and administer grant funding for local Delta water projects.


Current Project Work:


  • Future Drought Salinity Barrier Single Year Permit Planning 
  • SWP Increased Diversions to Recover Reduced Exports Taken to Benefit Fisheries Resources (500 cfs) 
  • South Delta Monitoring     
  • SWRCB Cease and Desist Order (CDO) 2010-0002 
  • State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways Aquatic Invasive Plant Control Program     
  • Delta Real-Time Enhanced Acoustic Monitoring Program (DREAM)