Water from the Devil Canyon Powerplant second afterbay flows out of an outlet and into this wasteway channel in San Bernardino, California.

Today, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) announced an increase in 2020 State Water Project (SWP) allocations to 15 percent of requested supplies, up from the year’s initial 10 percent allocation announced on December 2.

Sean de Guzman, chief of the California Department of Water Resources Snow Surveys and Water Supply Forecasting Section, carries the measure tape to the next sampling point for the first snow survey of the 2020 season. The event was held at Phillips Station in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Helping with the survey are Lauren Miller, engineer DWR’s Snow Surveys and Water Supply Forecasting Section and Ramesh Gautum, Chief California Cooperative Snow Surveys Program. The survey site is approximately 90 miles east of Sacramento off Highway 50 in El Dorado County. Photo taken January 2, 2020.

DWR conducted the first manual snow survey of 2020 at Phillips Station. The manual survey recorded 33.5 inches of snow depth and a snow water equivalent (SWE) of 11 inches, which is 97 percent of average for this location. The SWE measures the amount of water contained in the snowpack, which provides a more accurate forecast of spring runoff.




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