Metropolitan Water District Votes to Support WaterFix: Statement from DWR Director Nemeth


snow geese take flight on Twitchell Island

Snow geese take flight at Twitchell Island

SACRAMENTO – Today, the Metropolitan Water District Board (MWD) voted 61 percent to 39 percent in support of California WaterFix in its entirety. The Department of Water Resources released this statement from Director Karla Nemeth regarding the Board’s decision:

“Today’s decision by MWD’s Board is a clear demonstration that they see the public benefit and value in pursuing WaterFix. This smart investment will protect billions of dollars in ratepayer investment, provide generations of Californians with clean drinking water and address the Delta’s worsening health.

While Los Angeles and Southern California are wisely working to become more self-sufficient through local projects such as groundwater recharge and recycling, this imported supply is still critical to the region’s success especially under climate change. DWR looks forward to our continued partnership in their local efforts.

The state is eager to move forward with WaterFix to protect the Delta ecosystem and ensure a reliable water supply for the future. I am pleased that the directors of MWD, who have a long history of forward-thinking leadership in water management, are making progress to build on their local sustainability efforts by shoring up the reliability of this critical water supply.”



Erin Mellon, Assistant Director, Department of Water Resources, Public Affairs
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