Second Public Meeting on the Public Review Draft Report to the Legislature on the Results of Indoor Residential Water Use Studies

The Department of Water Resources (Department) released the Public Review Draft Report to the Legislature on the Results of Indoor Residential Water Use Studies (Draft Report) at a public meeting on May 11, 2021 and will hold a second public meeting, in coordination with the Water Board, on July 19 to seek further input before finalizing the report. Please see the meeting agenda below including a zoom webinar link.


Assembly Bill 1668 (Friedman) contains specific requirements for developing and adopting water use efficiency standards. Water Code Section 10609.4 directs the Department as follows:

The department, in coordination with the board, shall conduct necessary studies and investigations and may jointly recommend to the Legislature a standard for indoor residential water use that more appropriately reflects best practices for indoor residential water use than the standard described in subdivision 10609.4 (a)(1).


The Department, in coordination with the Water Board, initiated the studies and established a stakeholder engagement process. The Water Use Studies Working Group was formed by the Department in July 2019 and includes water suppliers, non-governmental organizations, and State and local agency personnel. Three meetings were held with this 33-member Working Group to solicit input and feedback on the study approach, study results, and the Department and Water Board joint recommendations. Stakeholder meetings were open to the public with attendance typically over 180 participants. Additional public outreach and engagement was accomplished through meetings requested by individual stakeholders. The indoor residential water use study team also received significant feedback from the 18 suppliers who were selected to provide data and collaborated on the study with the Department.

The Draft Report, developed through a stakeholder process, was prepared in accordance with the legislative direction. The Draft Report includes study methodologies, data used, analysis of the results, and recommendations for indoor residential water use efficiency standards. The recommended standards will only become effective if approved by the legislature and enacted into law.


The Draft Report was subject to public review for 25 calendar days, beginning on May 11, 2021 and ending on June 4, 2021. Public comments are posted on the Department SharePoint site and are accessible by all interested parties. The Department and Water Board have reviewed the written public comments and have decided to hold a second public meeting during which additional public comments will be received and considered in finalizing the report. The purpose of this meeting is to:

  1. provide additional opportunity for the stakeholders and the public to discuss any new information that the Department and Water Board should consider before finalizing the report and recommendations to the Legislature. The Department and Water Board will consider the information before making any final decisions; and
  2. provide an opportunity for the public to suggest additional State policy and financial assistance that would help local agencies achieve water conservation and operational changes needed for the recommended standards.

Following the public meeting and careful consideration of public comments, the Department will submit the final report and recommendations to the Legislature and will release the final report and recommendations to the public on its website:

If you would like to request access to the Draft Report Appendices and/or the public comments received by the Department, please submit your request via email to:

If you have any questions about this meeting, please send an email to:

Department of Water Resources

Indoor Residential Water Use Standards

 PUBLIC meeting

Monday, July 19, 2021 9AM-12PM

Zoom Webinar Registration Link:



Meeting Objective: Review the development process for DWR’s Indoor Water Use Efficiency Standard recommendation to date and solicit targeted input from stakeholders on policies and programs that DWR may consider to support agencies in achieving the 2025/2030 recommended standards.


9:00      Meeting Logistics and Welcoming Remarks

Deputy Director Kris Tjernell, DWR

Orit Kalman, CSUS-CCP


9:15      State Water Board Impacts Analysis

              Charlotte Ely, SWB

Erik Porse, CSUS

9:40      Short Break

9:45      Review of Comments Received, by Themes


1. Uncertainty of Data/Feasibility
  • Active conservation
  • Population
  • End Use Study
2. Short timeline to meet 2025/2030 recommendations
  • Water suppliers’ ability to affect change through customers by implementing Best Practices
  • Demand hardening
  • Financial assistance to meet the recommendations
3. Impacts to water, wastewater and recycled water
  • Cost/Stranded assets
  • Timeline
  • Water supply reliability

10:55    Short Break

11:00    Review of Comments Received, by Themes (continued)


4. Unknown long-term changes in water use patterns due to COVID

5. Potential adverse impacts for ratepayers

  • Factoring in human right to water and impact to DAC

6. Other comments not previously considered

11:45    Next Steps

Sabrina Cook, DWR

12:00    Adjourn