Water Forum Virtual 20th Anniversary Symposium and Reception

The Water Forum’s Symposium will be a thought-provoking, interactive exploration of climate change and its projected impacts that threaten the Sacramento region’s water supplies, flood protection, and aquatic ecosystems and environment.

The event will also discuss potential solutions, mitigation and adaptation strategies to create a climate-resilient future where all of the Sacramento region’s inhabitants can live in unison.

Speakers will highlight environmental justice and equity throughout the symposium. The concluding panel, which will include DWR's Anecita Agustinez, Tribal Policy Advisor, will focus on solutions to invest in communities sensitive to climate change, who have experienced economic and physical displacement as a result of historical underinvestment and inequitable, exclusionary planning decisions.

The event will close with a reception to celebrate the Water Forum’s 20th Anniversary, and the Sacramento region’s progress toward reaching the co-equal goals of providing reliable and safe water supplies for the Sacramento region and preserving the environment of the lower American River.

More information at: https://www.waterforum.org/water-forum-virtual-20th-anniversary-symposium-and-reception/