San Joaquin River Restoration Program: 2020 Virtual Science Meeting

Join the San Joaquin River Restoration Program for the 2020 Virtual Science Meeting. This year's virtual meeting will include two, half-days of the most up-to-date and engaging science, data and insights related to the program's efforts from those most involved. This will be a free and open-to-the-public event and will be accessible to the layperson and expert alike.

Day 1 (October 14): Overview of recent science and data designed for anyone interested in a program update.

A comprehensive, layperson’s look at current restoration efforts on the San Joaquin River including panels devoted to the latest program developments and fish passage, as well as a look at river flows and hydrologic forecasting. The day will end with poster board presentation chatrooms.

Day 2 (October 15): In-depth information for a deeper and richer understanding of the program science and data.

In-depth presentations focused on providing a deeper and richer understanding of the program’s science and data. Topics include genetics, habitat, survival, holding, monitoring, migration, species, hydrology, and agricultural groundwater recharge.


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