2020 Statewide Virtual Summit: Ensuring Equitable Engagement in Regional Water Planning (Day 2)

The Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority and the Local Government Commission are sponsoring a no-cost statewide summit, with support by the Department of Water Resources to share strategies for engaging marginalized communities in regional water management as learned through local implementation of the Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Disadvantaged Communities and Tribal Involvement Program.

The 3-day summit (October 8, 13, 14) will highlight best practices and resources developed through this program, and elevate how lessons learned from IRWM underrepresented community engagement can be shared across other water planning efforts.

Who should attend?

  • IRWM Practitioners
  • Community Members
  • Tribal Representatives
  • State Agencies
  • Local Leaders

Day 2: Draft Agenda

On the Summit’s second day, participants will explore strategies to identify and address local needs. Technical assistance providers and regional leaders will share new approaches for evaluating needs, how to move from assessment to project implementation, and what to do in times of crisis, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic, to re-assess local priorities. Day Two will also include time for regional discussions on how to apply new approaches locally, and conclude with a panel of community and tribal leaders to offer a forward-looking discussion on what engagement of marginalized communities will look like in the future.

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For more information contact Jodie Monaghan at jodie@jmconsultants.net or tribalpolicyadvisor@water.ca.gov.