CDAG Meeting #6, Part 1

Part 1 (of 2) for the sixth County Drought Advisory Group (CDAG) meeting will be held on May 27, 2020 from 9 a.m. to noon via webinar only.The purpose of this CDAG meeting is to review, clarify, discuss, and receive comments on the drought and water shortage risk scoring and tool. This is the first deliverable as part of fulfilling the legislative directive related to addressing the drought and water shortage risk of small water suppliers and rural communities:

  • Drought and water shortage risk factors and scoring developed from CDAG meetings and technical workgroups
  • Risk Explorer Tool
  • Next Steps

Interested stakeholders will be given an opportunity to participate in the group discussions, as time permits. If you cannot attend, the meeting will be recorded and available for viewing.  

CDAG meetings are primarily attended by CDAG members, but are open to the general public. Please register to the webinar using the GoToWebinar link below. For webinar related assistance, please contact James Campagna at

The following meeting materials will be offered for more information prior to the meeting:

  • Agenda
  • Meeting Summary
  • Presentation by Julia Ekstrom 

GoTo Webinar Link: 

Webinar ID: 241-610-827


California’s 2018 water conservation legislation directed DWR to:

1. Identify small suppliers and rural communities at risk of drought and water shortages

2. Develop recommendations to improve drought contingency planning for these at-risk areas

Changes to existing law that apply to small water suppliers and rural community drought planning appear in the California Water Code, Section 8, Chapter 10 (starting at Section 10609.40) and added to Part 2.55 of Division 6.