Floodplain Management Review Course - Oceanside

Intended Audience:  Floodplain managers with more than 2 years of experience, local community officials and other NFIP stakeholders seeking a CFM® designation. Workshop Topics:  This one-day workshop is designed as a review course of basic floodplain management principles for those who are considering taking the examination to become Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM®). This full-day review is not a replacement for studying for the exam. Attendees should not expect to complete this workshop and pass the CFM® exam without additional study. Suggested additional materials to study, for those intending to become a CFM®, can be found on the Association for State Flood Plain Managers (ASFPM) website . Attendance at this course is not a guarantee of passing the CFM® exam. Additional training is provided by FEMA through the Emergency Management Institute (EMI).


300 North Coast Highway, Oceanside, CA, 92054