Public Comment Period - Best Management Practices 1-5 - Sustainable Groundwater Management

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The formal comment period began on October 28, 2016 and closed on November 28, 2016. Comments received by DWR on the Draft Best Management Practices are posted below.

Commenter(s) Submitted By Date
Orange County Water District Adam Hutchinson 11/30/2016
Geosyntec Consultants John Gallinatti 11/28/2016
EMKO Environmental Andrew Kopania 11/28/2016
Luhdorff & Scalmanini Vicki Kretsinger Grabert 11/28/2016
California Poultry Federation Bill Mattos 11/28/2016
California Groundwater Resource Association Chris Petersen 11/28/2016
Stanford Stanford 11/28/2016
Sustainable Conservation J. Stacey Sullivan 11/28/2016
The Environmental Justice Coalition for Water Randy Reck 11/28/2016
Union of Concerned Scientists Juliet Christian-Smith 11/28/2016
The Nature Conservancy Sandi Matsumoto 11/28/2016
NGO Groundwater Collaborative NGO Groundwater Collaborative 11/28/2016
Association of California Water Agencies David Bolland 11/28/2016
County of San Diego Leanne Crow 11/28/2016
Sacramento Groundwater Authority John Woodling 11/28/2016
Mojave Water Agency Kirby Brill 11/28/2016
Santa Cruz Mid-County Groundwater Agency Cameron Tana 11/28/2016
Zone 7 G.F. Duerig 11/28/2016
San Joaquin County Michael Callahan 11/28/2016
Mid-Kaweah GSA Mid-Kaweah GSA 11/23/2016
CDM Smith Melissa Harclerode 11/22/2016
Keith Freitas Keith Freitas 11/3/2016
John Austin John Austin 10/29/2016

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