Flood-MAR Public Workshop

Flood-MAR Watershed Schematic Overview

On Aug. 30,  DWR hosted a public workshop on Flood-MAR, an emerging water management strategy that could significantly improve water resources sustainability throughout the state. Flood-MAR is an integrated and voluntary resource management strategy that uses flood water resulting from, or in anticipation of, rainfall or snow melt for managed aquifer recharge (MAR) on agricultural lands and working landscapes, including but not limited to refuges, floodplains, and flood bypasses.

Large-scale implementation of Flood-MAR will require robust public-private partnerships, landowner participation, and the use of agricultural lands and working landscapes as effective and essential pathways for groundwater recharge and aquifer replenishment. Workshop participants were asked to provide input on current DWR activities related to Flood-MAR.

Below are links to a webinar of the workshop, an agenda and other related documents: 


Sacramento State Downtown Room 304 S Street, Sacramento, CA,