Update on Lake Oroville Operations - March 14, 2023


Oroville spillway on March 10, 2023

Image of the main Oroville spillway on March 10, 2023

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) continues to make flood control protection releases from Lake Oroville to the Feather River this week. Total releases to the Feather River will increase from 15,000 cfs to 20,000 cfs by noon on Wednesday due to expected runoff increases into the reservoir from ongoing storms. Releases are adjusted based on U.S. Army Corps of Engineering guidelines for flood control storage at Lake Oroville.


The information below reflects current reservoir level estimates. Forecasts can change quickly and may affect the estimates provided.


  • Current Oroville Reservoir Level: 844 feet elevation
  • Current Total Releases to the Feather River: 15,000 cfs; will increase to 20,000 cfs on Wednesday


The Lake Oroville reservoir is the largest storage facility in the State Water Project and supports environmental and water delivery needs to 27 million Californians and reduces flood risks to downstream communities. DWR continues to monitor lake levels, weather forecasts, and mountain snow levels to optimize operations for flood control, water storage and environmental protection while allowing for carryover storage into next year.