Round 4 Final Awards Announced



Water FX desalinates water through use of a Concentrated Solar Still. DWR/2016

DWR released the final funding awards for the fourth round of Proposition 1 Desalination Grants. Nine (9) projects were awarded funding to receive a total of $44.4 million of available funds.

A public meeting to receive comments on the draft funding recommendations was held on February 5, 2018 at Metropolitan Water District’s headquarters (presentation). The public notice for this meeting and the information for this comment period is found here.(pdf)

For additional information, or questions about the PSP, please contact DWR’s Water Recycling and Desalination Section chief, Richard A. Mills, at 916-651-0715 or by e-mail

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 Desalination Grant Program



Round 4 Draft Funding Awards:  

Funding Category

 Application Project Title  Total Project Cost  Grant Award 
Construction City of Santa Barbara Reactivation of the Charles E. Myer Desalination Plant
 $72,000,000 $10,000,000
South Coast Water District  Doheny Ocean Desalination Phase 1 Project   $107,108,400 $10,000,000 
City of Antioch         

City of Antioch Brackish Water Desalination Project

 $62,217,732 $10,000,000
City of Camarillo North Pleasant Valley Desalter
 $31,930,663 $10,000,000
Design Pilot Eastern Municipal Water District Enhanced Brine Concentration Design Pilot Project
 $5,965,078 $1,500,000
Olivenhain Municipal Water District San Dieguito Valley Brackish Groundwater Desalination Design Pilot
 $1,340,856 $650,000
Feasibility Study Indian Wells Valley Water District Indian Wells Valley (IWV) Brackish Groundwater Feasibility Study
 $1,518,389 $1,083,984
Water Replenishment District of Southern California Feasibility Study for the West Coast Basin Brackish Water Reclamation Project
 $1,400,000 $700,000 
Research Pilot University of Southern California
System Configurations and Cooling Technologies for Waste-Heat-Driven Membrane Distillation in Desalination Applications with High Water Recovery  $1,007,852 $503,490

Total Funding