Lake Oroville Main Spillway Ready for Rainy Season


Lake Oroville Main Spillway

On November 1, we met our objective to repair and reconstruct the main Lake Oroville spillway to handle flows of up to 100,000 cubic feet per second. Construction work after the November 1 milestone will focus on sealing drains, concrete seams, and drain pipes, as well as site clean up. We will also continue work on the emergency spillway to complete construction of the underground secant pile wall, which will prevent uphill erosion if the emergency spillway is ever used again. We expect to complete the secant pile wall by the end of January 2018. During the second phase of construction in 2018, we will place additional structural concrete on the main spillway and complete the emergency spillway buttress and splashpad. 

You can watch videos on DWR’s YouTube page.

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