DCD: Delta Channel Depletion

Delta Channel Depletion (DCD V1.0) is an extension of Delta Evapotranspiration of Applied Water (DETAW V2.0). Based on the estimation of Delta root zone water balance by DETAW V2.0, DCD V1.0 estimates the actual daily Delta hydrology and channel depletions, including diversions, drainages, and seepages, on each of 168 Delta islands. DCD V1.0 considers the impacts of Delta lowlands subsurface water, uplands groundwater, runoff, and farming practices in addition to the factors included in DETAW V2.0. The current simulation of historical conditions by DCD V1.0 covers 1922 through 2016.

Due to the sensitive nonlinear relationship between Delta outflow and salinity, DCD V1.0 and Delta Simulation Model 2 (DSM2) were integrated to simulate the historical Delta-wide contributions of subsurface flow and groundwater to Delta islands water demands, Delta channel depletion, Delta outflow and electrical conductivity (EC) from 1975 through 2016. The calibration and validation of the integrated model for more than 40 years of data resulted in simulated and observed historical Delta EC that matched reasonably well in time and space. Accordingly, simulated Delta channel depletion and Delta outflow are assumed reasonable and close to historical conditions as well.

The DCD related input files for DSM2 have been modified, so the DSM2 version compatible to DCD V1.0 is named as DSM2 V8.2.0 Beta 1. The Beta versions of both DCD and DSM2 can be downloaded from the links below.


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