Public Comment Period - Groundwater Sustainability Plan Emergency Regulations


The formal comment period began on February 18, 2016 and closed on April 1, 2016. Comments received by DWR on the Draft GSP Emergency Regulations are posted below.

Commenter(s) Submitted By Date
West Kings Subbasin SGMA MOU Group - Burrel Ditch Company, Clark's Fork Reclamation District, Crescent Canal Company, County of Fresno, Kings River Water Conservation District, Laguna Irrigation District, Liberty Canal Company, Liberty Mill Race Company, Liberty Water District, Raisin City Water District, Reed Ditch Company, Riverdale Irrigation District, Stinson Canal & Irrigation Company, Stinson Water District, Upper San Jose Water Company (Provost & Prichard Consulting Group) Kevin R. Johansen 04/01/2016
Mission Springs Water District Arden Wallum 04/01/2016
Alameda County Water District Michelle Myers 03/31/2016
Kings County Farm Bureau Josh Bettencourt 04/01/2016
Sierra Club Comment Letters Sierra Club Comment Letters 04/01/2016
Santa Clara Valley Water District (2) Vanessa De La Piedra 04/01/2016
Buena Vista Water Storage District Maurice J. Etchechury 04/01/2016
San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federation Andrew Watkins 04/01/2016
Frank A. Logoluso Farms, Inc. and Farmers Water District Jim Stilwell 04/01/2016
Sweetwater Authority James L. Smyth 04/01/2016
Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District Thaddeus L. Bettner 04/01/2016
San Bernardino County Bob Page 04/01/2016
Imperial County Ralph Cordova, Jr. 04/01/2016
We Are One Water Nazar Kosmo 04/01/2016
Center for Law, Energy & the Environment - UC Berkeley School of Law Michael Kiparsky, Dave Owen, Nell Green Nylen 04/01/2016
Madera County Farm Bureau Christina Beckstead 04/01/2016
Kings River Conservation District Paul G. Peschel 04/01/2016
North San Joaquin Water Conservation District (Spaletta Law) Jennifer L. Spaletta 04/01/2016
California Farm Bureau Federation Jack L. Rice and Justin E. Fredrickson 04/01/2016
MBK Engineers Darren Cordova and Angela Bezzone 04/01/2016
Golden State Water Company Toby B. Moore 04/01/2016
Inyo County Water Department Bob Harrington 04/01/2016
Raymond Basin Management Board Anthony C. Zampiello 04/01/2016
Private Individual Private Individual 04/01/2016
Main San Gabriel Basin Watermaster Anthony C. Zampiello 04/01/2016
Private Individual Private Individual 04/01/2016
NGO Groundwater Collaborative, American Rivers, Butte Environmental Council, California Indian Environmental Alliance, California League of Conservation Votors, California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation, Clean Water Action and Clean Water Fund, Community Water Center, Environmental Defense Fund, Environment Now, Environmental Justice Coalition for Water, Karuk Tribe Department of Water Resources, Klamath Riverkeeper, Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability, Local Government Commission, Planning and Conservation League, Sierra Club California, The Nature Conservancy, Trout Unlimited, Tuolumne River Trust, Union of Concerned Scientists Steve Rothert, Natalie Carter, Sherri Norris, Jena Price, Noe Paramo, Jennifer Clary, Deborah Ores, Ana Lucia Garcia Briones, Caryn Mandelbaum, Colin Bailey, Susan Corum, Konrad Fisher, Phoebe Seaton, Danielle V. Dolan, Jonas Minton, Kyle Jones, Sandi Matsumoto, Chandra Ferrari, Peter Drekmeier, Juliet Christian-Smith 04/01/2016
San Joaquin River Exchange Contractors Water Authority Steve Chedester 04/01/2016
California Fresh Fruit Association, California Citrus Mutual, Western Plant Health Association, California Cotton Ginners and Growers Associations, Western Agricultural Processors Association, Nisei Farmers League, African American Farmers of California, National Hmong American Farmers (Kahn, Soares, and Conway, LLP) Barry Bedwell, Joel Nelsen, Renee Pinel, Roger Isom, Manuel Cunha, Will Scott, Chukou Thao 04/01/2016
Town of Truckee Tony Lashbrook 04/01/2016
Mendocino County Farm Bureau Frost Pauli 04/01/2016
Grower Shipper Association of Central California Abby Taylor-Silva 04/01/2016
California Water Association Jack Hawks 04/01/2016
Peltzer & Richardson, LLC Nicolas R. Cardella 04/01/2016
Amec Foster Wheeler Matt Baillie and Leslie Chau 04/01/2016
Butte County Water & Resource Conservation Paul Gosselin 04/01/2016
Russian River Flood Control & Water Conservation Improvement District Tamara Alaniz 04/01/2016
Bureau of Indian Affairs Amy Dutschke 04/01/2016
Yuba County Water Agency Scott Matyac 04/01/2016
Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa Water Storage District Robert J. Kunde 04/01/2016
Merced County Farm Bureau Breanne Ramos 04/01/2016
North Kern Water Storage District Richard Diamond 04/01/2016
Eastern San Joaquin County Groundwater Basin Authority Brandon Nakagawa 04/01/2016
Sacramento Suburban Water District Robert S. Roscoe 04/01/2016
San Joaquin Tributaries Authority (O'Laughlin & Paris LLP) Valerie C. Kincaid 04/01/2016
Westlands Water District Dan Pope 04/01/2016
Western States Petroleum Association Catherine H. Reheis-Boyd 04/01/2016
North Kings / Fresno Area GSA MOU Group - Fresno Irrigation District William R. Stretch 04/01/2016
Truckee Donner Public Utility District Michael Holley 04/01/2016
Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, Zone 7 G. F. Duerig 04/01/2016
Chino Basin Watermaster (Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP) Bradley J. Herrema 04/01/2016
Santa Barbara County Public Works Department Flood Control Water Agency Fray A. Crease 04/01/2016
Merced Irrigation District Hicham Eltal 04/01/2016
Arvin Edison Water Storage District David A. Nixon 04/01/2016
ACDF, LLC Erika Martinez 04/01/2016
Turlock Irrigation District Casey Hashimoto 04/01/2016
San Luis Obispo County - Department of Public Works Courtney Howard 04/01/2016
Groundwater Resources Association of California Chris Petersen 04/01/2016
Wonderful Orchards William D. Phillimore 04/01/2016
Minasian, Meith, Soares, Sexton & Cooper, LLP Peter C. Harman 04/01/2016
Kern County Water Agency Curtis Creel 04/01/2016
Association of California Water Agencies David Bolland 04/01/2016
Union of Concerned Scientists Juliet Christian-Smith and Adrienne Alvord 04/01/2016
Law Offices of Patrick J Maloney Thomas S. Virsik 04/01/2016
Mendocino County and Mendocino County Water Agency Dan Gjerde 04/01/2016
Mid-Kaweah Groundwater Sustainability Agency J. Paul Hendrix 04/01/2016
Richvale Irrigation District Sean Earley 04/01/2016
Sacramento Groundwater Authority John Woodling 04/01/2016
Turlock Groundwater Basin Association Debra C. Liebersbach 04/01/2016
Agricultural Council of California Emily Rooney 04/01/2016
South Tahoe Public Utility District Richard Solbrig 03/31/2016
Private Individual Private Individual 03/29/2016
Private Individual Private Individual 03/23/2016
Kings County Water District Dennis Mills 04/01/2016
Eastern Municipal Water District Paul D. Jones II and Kelley Gage 04/01/2016
Rural County Representatives of California and California State Association of Counties Kathy Mannion and Karen A. Keene 03/30/2016
Sacramento Central Groundwater Authority Darrell Eck 03/30/2016
California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance Gerald D. Secundy 04/01/2016
Private Individual Private Individual 04/01/2016
UC Merced - Sierra Nevada Research Institute, UC Water Security & Sustainability Research Initiative Roger Bales 04/01/2016
City of Hayward Alex Ameri 04/01/2016
The Nature Conservancy Sandi Matsumoto and Jay Ziegler 04/01/2016
United Water Conservation District Tony Morgan 04/01/2016
Mendota Pool Group William V. Pipes and Robert G. Kuhs 04/01/2016
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Mark J. Sedlacek 04/01/2016
Nevada County, District 5 Richard Anderson 04/01/2016
Kern County Alan Christensen 04/01/2016
Northstar Community Services District Mike Staudenmayer 04/01/2016
Climate Change, Water, and Society Integrated Graduate Education Research Traineeship, University of California, Davis Alyssa DeVincentis, Scott Devine, Elizabeth Elliott, Rich Pauloo, Marielle Pinheiro, Ellie White, Graham E Fogg 04/01/2016
Western Canal Water District Ted Trimble 04/01/2016
Sonoma County and Sonoma County Water Agency Efren Carrillo 03/31/2016
Pauma Valley Community Services District, Rainbow Municipal Water District, Yuima Municipal Water District, Rancho Pauma Mutual Water Company Charles A. Mathews, Tom Kennedy, Lori A. Johnson, Mindy Houser 03/31/2016
Groundswell Technologies Hugo Loaiciga and Mark Kram 04/01/2016
Private Individual Private Individual 04/01/2016
Colusa County Denise J. Carter 03/30/2016
Sequoia Riverlands Trust Soapy Mulholland 03/30/2016
Coachella Valley Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (Indio Water Authority, Coachella Water Authority, Coachella Valley Water District, Desert Water Agency) Brian Macy, Maritza Martinez, Steve Bigley, Mark Krause 03/31/2016
Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency Tully Clifford 03/31/2016
Western Placer Groundwater Partners David Boesch, Richard D. Plecker, Jennifer Hanson, R. Brent Smith 03/31/2016
California Poultry Federation and California Squab Producers Bill Mattos 03/31/2016
Orange County Water District Mike Markus 03/31/2016
City of Bakersfield Arthur Chianello 03/31/2016
Quartz Valley Tribe Crystal Robinson 03/31/2016
GEOSCIENCE Support Services Inc. Lindsay Swain 03/31/2016
DHI Water & Environment Inc. Tom Foster 03/31/2016
Santa Ynez River Water Conservation District, Improvement District No. 1 (Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP) Gary Kvistad 03/31/2016
City of Santa Rosa - Utilities Department Linda Reed 03/31/2016
Semitropic Water Storage District Jason Gianquinto 03/31/2016
Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District Mark Larsen 03/31/2016
Kanawha Water District, Glide Water District, Princeton-Codora-Glenn Irrigation District, Provident Irrigation District, Colusa County Water District, and Dunnigan Water District (Downey Brand LLP) J. Mark Atlas and Arielle O. Harris 03/31/2016
Santa Ynez River Water Conservation District Bruce Wales 03/31/2016
Irvine Ranch Water District Paul Cook 03/31/2016
Merced County - Community and Economic Development Department Mark Hendrickson 03/31/2016
Sonoma County Water Agency James Jasperse 03/31/2016
Kern Groundwater Authority Eric Averett 03/31/2016
County of San Diego - Planning and Development Services Jim Bennett 04/01/2016
Northern California Water Association and Regional Water Authority David Guy amd John Woodling 04/01/2016
California Independent Petroleum Association Rock Zierman 04/01/2016
Western Growers Gail Delihant 04/01/2016
Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District Terrie Mitchell 03/31/2016
Sequoia Forestkeeper Ara Marderosian 04/01/2016
Santa Clara Valley Water District James Fiedler 03/30/2016
Sacramento County - Planning and Environmental Review Division of the Sacramento County Department of Community Development Leighann Moffitt 03/30/2016
Private Individual Private Individual 03/30/2016
Shasta County Department of Public Works / Shasta County Water Agency Eric Wedemeyer 03/30/2016
Stanislaus County Walt Ward 03/30/2016
Napa County Steve Lederer and Patrick Lowe 03/30/2016
Camrosa Water District Tony Stafford 03/30/2016
California Department of Fish and Wildlife Scott Cantrell 03/30/2016
Piedra Citrus Partners (3) K.A. Freitas 03/30/2016
Merced Irrigation District Hicham Eltal 03/30/2016
Reclamation District No. 2074 and Reclamation District No. 2030 George V. Hartmann 03/29/2016
City of Lincoln Jennifer Hanson 03/29/2016
Kern Delta Water District L. Mark Mulkay 03/30/2016
Sun World International David Dorrance 03/29/2016
HydroMetrics Water Resources Inc. Derrik Williams 03/29/2016
California Construction and Industrial Materials Association Gary W. Hambly 03/29/2016
Motoir Lawrence O'Leary 03/29/2016
Tule River Association R. L. Schafer 03/28/2016
Stanislaus and Tuolumne Rivers Groundwater Basin Association John B. Davids 03/28/2016
East Bay Municipal Utility District Thomas B. Francis 03/28/2016
California Economic Summit Judy Corbett 03/28/2016
North Bay Water District Jim Haire 03/28/2016
Navy Region Southwest Kathryn Ostapuk 03/25/2016
Orchard Dale Water District Yvette Stevenson-Rodriguez 03/25/2016
Piedra Citrus Partners (1) K.A. Freitas 03/24/2016
Piedra Citrus Partners (2) K.A. Freitas 03/24/2016
Capay Hills Orchard Brian Paddock 03/01/2016
Operation Unite Stephen Baker 03/25/2016
Private Individual Private Individual 03/24/2016
O'Connor Environmental, Inc. Matt O'Connor 03/16/2016
County of Del Norte Gerry Hemmingsen 03/14/2016
Private Individual Private Individual 03/06/2016
County of Kings Erik D. Kaeding 03/03/2016
DUDEK Engineering + Environmental Matt Naftaly 02/23/2016
City of Solvang Matt van der Linden 02/22/2016
Law Office of Patrick J. Maloney Tom Virsik 02/22/2016

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