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Water Conditions

Brochure: Drought and Water Year 2016: Hot and Dry Conditions Continue (PDF: 5 MB)

Current Water Conditions

Groundwater Conditions

Click on the images below to see how statewide groundwater levels have changed over the duration of this drought, shown using fall and spring groundwater data. Information about how groundwater data are collected and data for individual wells, as well as additional maps of groundwater level changes, are available on the groundwater website:

Groundwater Level Change: Spring 2011 to Spring 2016

One Year Change:
Spring 2015 to Spring 2016
Three Year Change:
Spring 2013 to Spring 2016
Groundwater level changes- spring 2015-2016
Groundwater level changes- spring 2013-2016
Five Year Change:
Spring 2011 to Spring 2016
(More Than 50 Feet)
Five Year Change:
Spring 2011 to Spring 2015
(More Than 100 Feet)
Groundwater level changes- spring 2011-2016 Groundwater level changes- Spring 2011-2016