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Strategic Business Plan


“To sustainably manage the water resources of California, in cooperation with other agencies, to benefit the state’s people and protect, restore, and enhance the natural and human environments.”


The DWR Strategic Business Plan is organized under six goals that collectively represent the Department’s mission and its business:

  1. Provide Strategic Leadership for the Planning and Management of California’s Water Resources
  2. Ensure a Reliable Water Supply for California through Safe and Efficient Operation, Maintenance, and Management of the State Water Project
  3. Utilize Leadership, Collaboration, and Strategic Partnerships to Build Capacity for Regional Water Sustainability through Local Technical and Financial Assistance
  4. Protect Lives, Infrastructure, and the Environment through Management of Dams, Floods, and Protecting Vital Ecosystems
  5. Increase Resiliency to Reduce Residual Risks Resulting from Floods, Drought, and Climate Change.
  6. Ensure Business Efficiency and Accountability: Provide Professional, Cost-Effective, and Timely Services in Support of DWR’s Programs, Consistent with Governmental Regulatory and Policy Requirements.

Each of the above goals has specific objectives and strategies for successful implementation of the overall Strategic Business Plan.

Implementation Principles

DWR has identified the following principles to help guide and focus implementation of our programs and activities.

Commitment to Workplace Safety Practices — DWR is committed to providing and maintaining a safe environment for both the public and our employees. We have implemented a department-wide safety program with robust training and safe workplace practices to ensure the safety of employees, contractors, and those who visit our facilities throughout the State.

Commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity — DWR is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to our employees and promoting a diverse workforce reflective of the population we serve.

Working for the People of California — We honor our commitments and responsibilities based on the law and sound public policies to ensure we are providing the best public service to the people of California.

Operating in a Transparent Manner — DWR is committed to conducting its business and implementing its programs in a transparent manner with open processes. DWR will promote transparency internally and externally by engaging our partner agencies and the public.

Promoting Environmental Stewardship — DWR is committed to balancing the health of natural systems and water-related human activity. Managing the systems of water supply and flood management are more successful when ecosystem functions are accommodated and sustained. The Department strives to sustain vital ecosystems in California while undertaking our water management actions.

Practicing Integrated Water Management — DWR is committed to planning and implementing integrated water management decisions, which emphasize multi-benefit resource outcomes. This approach benefits both people and the environment, and fosters a reliable water supply, public safety, environmental stewardship, and a stable economy for the State.

Working Toward Sustainable Water Management — Managing our water resources for sustainability is a shift in paradigm that requires us to reassess our programs, priorities, and objectives. This shift is needed to ensure long-term water system reliability and resiliency, and to achieve our goal of enhancing and maintaining robust public safety, environmental stewardship, and economic stability in the State. We are committed to assisting regional agencies implement regional programs that achieve regional sustainability, as required by the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

Commitment to Public Safety — We demonstrate our commitment to public safety through DWR flood and drought emergency management and dam safety inspections. Our efforts protect lives and infrastructure.

Working with Our Partners — We understand that water resources management in California is a shared responsibility among local, State and federal agencies, as well as private entities. We value our partnerships. We will work with other agencies and interested parties to build partnerships based on trust and mutual respect in order to improve water,